Have you made any progress on reducing the items on your “bucket list”?

There is a  wonderful world to explore before you go.  An Alaskan cruise or cruise tour can still be done this year.  There is a deluxe product from Scenic Cruises – a truly all inclusive experience.  Not for the shopper, price conscious, or faint of heart.  Scenic offers wonderful river cruises in Europe (France, Portugal, Germany), Russia, and Southeast Asia.  For those who prefer to stay stateside, the American Queen Steamboat Company has several itineraries as does American Cruise Lines.

The allure of travel is there yet many trips are arduous and require strength and endurance.  I still suggest that your personal bucket list not be ignored.  I have observed aging take hold of both bodies and minds.  Should you want to see and experience first-hand some of the world’s wonders do it now, or soon.  Too often life happens and these trips of a lifetime are no longer possible.

Though in many ways the world seems smaller – it is a big, wonderful place to explore.  Should you want to venture beyond our nation’s borders, a valid passport is required!