This area will be for posting travel and tour related discussions as well as conversations on Total Rewards ® and Caesars Entertainment.

Total Rewards charter service to Atlantic City and Laughlin continues with the schedule trickling out.  We now have charter trips into August of 2018 and Southwest Airlines trips to Vegas in November 2018.  We encourage you to  post here or  call our office at 440 933-5500 for specifics.

General travel, tour, and cruise bookings are now available into 2019 for air travel, and beyond for some cruise and tour products.  Holiday travel – it is never too early to plan – particularly if one has little flexibility.  With new technologies in play higher fares will be the rule rather than an exception.  Add to that the unbundled environment of add on fees for seats, luggage and carry-on bags….. The best surprise is no surprise.  Read all the fine print.

None of the change in travel mean we will be paying less for air travel.  This no frills service has been difficult to explain, particularly to those who have not flown in a while.  Assumptions made by those who have browsed the internet continue to surprise.  There is a lot of fine print behind that * near the $9 fare.

The age old wisdom, ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’, is as true as ever.